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Company is engaged in international logistic air transportations around the globe. Among all our services we provide both standard and urgent transportation, organization of charter flights, delivery of various cargoes, such as dangerous or bulky ones, and tracking of the cargo from the starting point of the shipment to the very end of the delivery process.

Our company is capable of delivering almost any type of cargo from one end of the world to the other. Using our services, you can always be sure of its safe and fast delivery to the destination point.


The safest type of transportation that can transport even the most dangerous and sensitive cargo.


Transportation by air is several times faster than any other mode of transport.

time delays

This type of transportation loses minimal time for cargo checks in the border zones.

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Our company is officially registered in England as a company specializing in international air transportations of small and bulky cargo. All registration information about our company is available at our website.

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